Help Automotive Industry in India to digitize NPD process, Make FMEA and PPAP by APQP management software.

APQP Software makes your NPD Process Easy and Automate to develop Product Faster.

Make Hassle-free FMEA and control Plan with Smart APQP to digitize APQP process.

About APQP

The Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a proven approach for developing a new product to be made in high volume and under strict quality, timing, and cost requirements.

It was developed in the automotive industry. (For their tier 1, tier 2-part suppliers have to implement this approach.) It has also been adopted in other settings with similar requirements, with great success.

APQP essentially helps identify critical to quality sub-systems from the client’s perspective. The production part approval process (PPAP) is an output of APQP processes and techniques. PPAP highlights the evidence established through the APQP. In addition, APQP has become an important factor for automotive, aerospace and defense industry segments as it's a key component of the IATF 16949 standard.

Need help with APQP, PPAP, or other NPD areas? At SFS, we provide complete APQP and NPD management solutions that optimize manufacturing supply chain initiatives. Organizations within automotive, aerospace, and other engineering segments leverage our expertise to validate, manage, and improve their current processes.

Smart APQP Software Key Features are:
  • APQP Software provide Collaboration and Teamwork environments to share information and documents within the organization as per the defined access control.
  • APQP Software have project-based Document library to maintaining all documents and forms in single clicks with version control and status
  • APQP methodology-based Project Management help to manage manual apqp process with email escalation, to-do list, project chat, plan vs actual, Gantt chant and more.
  • Make Hassle-free FMEA and control Plan with Smart APQP to reduce mistakes, error and time.
  • Analytics reports help to improve process day by day.
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Key Benefits Of Software

Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Share documents and information across the organization, offices, and locations.
  • Define User, Role, department, project, and location dependent access control
  • View edit and print access control.
  • Electronic workflows for review and approval.

Document and form control

  • Standard form templates for PFD, FMEA, CP, SOP etc.
  • Information updates and flows across connected documents.
  • Project and Document Templates.
  • Document control and library. Access all APQP documents in one place.
  • Attach drawings and documents.

Project Management

  • Collaborative Project Management with Gantt chart, planned vs actual.
  • Configurable standard Project Templates.
  • Project delay and critical items escalation.
  • Assign tasks to users.
  • To-Do and Follow-up task reminders and mail alerts.

Key Features

Project Management

Smart APQP software enables to manage project and visualize on going progress.

Make FMEA, Control Plan

Interlinkage with all FMEA AND PPAP forms in Smart APQP Software reduce mistakes and error.

Document Management

Smart APQP Software manage apqp documents in document library with version control.

Revision Management

Smart APQP Software manage revision smartly. Interlinkage forms feature helped to create revision automatically within a click.

Project Chat

Smart APQP Software chat feature enable to capture remark, query and concern within the project discussion and it's also helpful for further project case study.

Easy To Use

Cloud based software allows you to create and view information on the go.

Compare Editions

Feature List/Plan Free Premium Enterprise
Users 3 max Up to 10 users Up to 25 users
Helpdesk 30 Days Yes Yes
Customization No Yes Yes
Project Management
Projects 2 10 x users 10 x users
Project Template Yes Yes Yes
Critical Task alerts No Yes Yes
Custom Templates 1 max unlimited unlimited
Document and Forms
PPAP, FMEA Forms Yes Yes Yes
Document Library and Version Control Yes Yes Yes
System Reports No Yes Yes
Project Reports No Yes Yes
Mail Notification No Yes Yes
Auto form update No Yes Yes
Access Control Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Deployment Yes Yes Yes
Annually 30 Days Free 2,50,000/Per Year Ask for Quote

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